Philippe Lefevre

Philippe is a recent History and Politics graduate soon to tie himself to a masters Degree in KU Leuven. He has a minor addiction to MUN and has been doing them for almost three years now. He looks forward to his first time in Nepal and working with Rotaract. Philippe enjoys travelling internationally and working for his think tank, the Institute for a Greater Europe, where he explores the relationship of Europe in the international community.

Maryam Nsaif

Currently serving as the International Youth Federation Representative in Lebanon, Maryam is a huge advocate of the Sustainable Development Goals and the necessity of their implementation to ensure a sustainable future for the youth of today. Being a senior Mechanical Engineering student after receiving a full scholarship to pursue her engineering dream, she is also highly interested in the importance of STEM and is a strong advocate of women in STEM. With respect to that, she is currently the NASA Cassini Scientist for a Day national coordinator in Lebanon. Having 7 years of Model UN experience, from participating as a delegate all the way to Secretary General in different international conferences, and being the one of the founders of Notre Dame University MUN, Maryam believes in the power Model UN has to make an impactful change. She is also currently the Head of Public Relations and incoming Secretary at Rotaract Sahel Metn.

Elie Gharios

Elie is an International Business Management Major, and a Business Marketing Minor, with great interest in politics and political science and ambition to pursue Masters in International Affairs. Along side a full-time job, being the head of the International Understanding committee of his Rotaract Club, and many other projects on the side, Elie never misses a chance to take part in Model UN conferences, being a delegate and an organizer for almost 5 years. He participated in 7 conferences as a delegate, one of which was RGMUN 2017 held in Lebanon, and has had many experiences in chairing and organizing conferences, nationally and internationally. Elie hopes to reach out to as many youths as he can and help them develop through Model UN

Shiwali Shrestha

As an ardent believer of the lesser-heard saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none, though oftentimes better than the master of one.”, Shiwali Shrestha is a critical feminist, LGBTQ+ activist and, in general, an activist for human rights and is unequivocal about her thoughts, opinions and ideas, who will make sure she’s being heard. A 12th Grade Student of the Science Faculty of St. Mary’s High School, she’s organized and attended a number of MUN conferences. Holding immense confidence in the way she’s built, her aura often intimidates many, but do not hesitate to approach her as she has always been an on-deck pedagogue. Serving as the Co-Chair of UNHRC in RGMUN 2019, she wishes the best of luck to everyone and looks forward to seeing competent diplomats, debaters and dedicated researchers.

Sairas Adhikari

Sairas Adhikari is a 17 year old studying at St.Xaviers School , Jawalakhel . At a very young age he has managed to achieve many things and is still striving for more. His leadership , compassion , hard work has led him to big opportunities . He has always been to work for others and think about others. He works hard for himself, family and the society and to be a better person in future. He is the president of Dristi , secretery general of dristimun . He is also the current ZIR of lalitpur of interact district committee Nepal and bhutan. He is trying many things such as motivational speaking, public speaking and debating in his life. He has been in many international parliamentary debating tournament as well as international Model United Nations. In his company you wont miss the fun part from you life and you would definitely love his humour. He says, ” Age is just a number, we are never young to achieve things in our life.” He heartly welcomes everyone for the event.

Rashik Chand

Rashik is a firm believer that MUNs are a way of broadening your horizons; not just in terms of global affairs but also in terms of interpersonal skills and personality development.Although this is his first time as an executive board member in a MUN, he has several MUN experiences and awards from almost every MUN he ever attended. Rashik is currently pursuing his A Level from Rato Bangala School and is also the vice President LEO Club of Kathmandu Regency and an avid shuttler. He might come across as a typical straight A* student, with nerdy glasses and an introverted demeanor, but do not get deceived by his looks. He is probably one of the most amicable and resourceful person you’ll come across; approach him and he will never let you down.

Kripa Shrestha

Kripa is a practicing lawyer and an avid bibliophile with a knack for international law and politics. She is a voracious knowledge hoarder and believes that knowledge has the power to either make or break a person. She has been an active MUNner and gives much credit to MUNs for her confidence and beliefs. She has participated in multiple national and international MUNs and is one of her most innate passions. She aspires to inspire and hopes that the delegates will be inspired to do MUNs in the future again and again.

Prakat Khati

Prakat is a lawyer and a public policy researcher specializing in international trade laws and policies. He is a graduate of Kathmandu School of Law and currently serves as a research associate for Evidence for Policy Design; a research group based at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He is the author of a book on the export procedures of Nepal and numerous policy papers and academic articles. Prakat is interested in using data science to solve policy problems and he currently serves as a consultant to a number of governmental bodies and trade groups in Nepal.
Prakat has been participating in MUNs since his early days in law school and has chaired numerous MUN sessions including the first Rotaract MUN conducted in Nepal. He believes that MUNs offer unique opportunities for youth to get acquainted to the domain of international law and governance.

Prakriti Dhakal

 Rtr Prakriti Dhakal, representing Rotaract club of Pokhara Gandaki Medical College serving as a President, Ambassador at Nepal Health Corps, Executive Board at Youth Thinkers Society Pokhara and have worked as regional Ambassador to Nepal and Asia Pacific Region at Tunza Eco-Generation (UNEP and Samsung), winner of Tunza World Hidden Eco-Hero Award 2016 and Best Ambassador of 2017 is actively involved in different social organizations believing on “service gives satisfactions”. She is now currently studying Bsc.MIT (Medical Imaging Technology) at Gandaki Medical College.  With several experiences as Dias to Delegate, She believes that MUN is the essential key to sharpen young energetic minds, an important platform for people across the region/world to meet, share ideas on limelight issues of global importance and long-lasting professional connections. She has keen interest in diplomacy. She has been a part of different Model UN conferences and training sessions at the national and international level. She believes “Model UN holds professional relevance for her, these are not mere co-curriculum activities, but important platforms for people across the region/world to meet and deliberate of issues of global importance, and develop long-lasting professional connections that lead to a more connected future citizenry, the bedrock for international peace and with the committee on a wide variety of agenda topics renders everyone reasonably and make well-equipped to understand the nuances of the UN history, mandate and functions”