The Economic and Financial Committee (ECOFIN) is the Second Committee of the six main committees of the United Nations General Assembly. ECOFIN was established, as the rest of the General Assemblies, with the establishment of the United Nations, after World War Two in 1945. The Committee’s scope of work revolves around matters relating to the global economy, finance, and economic development. In fact, the Committee’s agenda is broken down into eleven main topics of discussion, which are Macroeconomic policies, Operational activities for development, Financing for development, Groups of countries in special situations, Globalization and interdependence, Eradication of poverty, Sustainable development, Information and communication technologies for development, Agriculture development, food security and nutrition,Human settlements and sustainable urban development; and The sovereignty of the Palestinian people over their natural resources.

Some of the important UN bodies which GA 2 is responsible for are the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) and the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN Habitat)

During the current (73rd)  session, it will deal with issues relating to economic growth and development such as macroeconomic policy questions; financing for development; sustainable development; human settlements; globalization and interdependence; eradication of poverty; operational activities for development; agriculture development, food security and nutrition; information and communications technologies for development; and towards global partnerships.

Letter from the Chairs

Dear Delegates of the Economic and Financial Committee,

It is our most distinguished privilege to welcome you to the 2019 edition of Rotaract Global MUN scheduled to  be held in Pokhara, Nepal. We are very humbled and thrilled to be chairing the ECOFIN committee and to be able to work with you all. Model United Nations has been a big part of our lives and we hope that it becomes a big part of your lives as well.

During this conference, we will be discussing topics of tremendous importance for the current world such as illegal financing of terrorist groups, tax evasion, fraud, poverty and the importance of sustainable development goals, to name just a few. It is crucial that we all become aware of these issues that have a direct bearing not only on how we bring development to our peoples but also on how we continue to maintain peace and security in the world. Identifying the geopolitical, social ,economic and environmental causes of these problems and gaining awareness of how they should be tackled is extremely critical. We should remain humbled by the fact that despite the efforts of numerous governments and regional and multilateral agencies such as the UN and the World Bank Group, we still have a long way to go. The fact that the heavy burden of patiently tackling these problems on a  global scale is going to be transferred to us, the youth, should no longer be seen as an absurdity but as an inevitable certainty. This is why we must learn to work together to achieve results and to overcome our differences for the benefit of all.

Come the 21st of August, you will not be representing your own country . You will be expected to faithfully and convincingly represent a state or a party about which you may know very little. Understand that you are undertaking a great responsibility and that your actions (or inactions) will have tangible and real consequences for the party you represent. We hope that you will make the requisite preparations.

Without further ado, let us welcome you again to the ECOFIN committee and wish you the best for this upcoming conference. Make sure to make it a memorable conference for yourselves as well as for the others.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Nepal,


Your dais,

Prakat Khati & Ele Gharios


  1.  Preventing Illicit Financial Flows and Strengthening Mechanisms to Combat the Financing of Terrorism and Organized Crime
  2. Eradication of Global Poverty and Other Development Issues