Dr. Yuriy Kryvonos

Dr. Yuriy Kryvonos (Colonel Air Force, retired in 1996) has served as Director of the United Nations Regional Centre for Peace and Disarmament in Asia and the Pacific (UNRCPD) since 1 October 2014. Dr. Kryvonos has been dealing with arms control issues since August 1992. He started as the senior officer of the Open Skies Division in the Verification Centre of the Ukrainian General Staff. In May 1993, Yuriy Kryvonos was seconded as a military adviser to the Directorate for Arms Control and Disarmament of the MFA of Ukraine where he occupied positions of first secretary, counsellor, and, finally, the Head of Division for Conventional Arms Control. In September 1998, Mr. Kryvonos was assigned to the Permanent Mission of Ukraine to International Organizations in Vienna where he worked for three years. His portfolio included issues of conventional arms control, confidence- and security-building measures (CSBM), disarmament, export control and non-proliferation. From November 2001 till December 2007, Yuriy Kryvonos served as the Senior FSC Support Officer in the Conflict Prevention Centre of the OSCE Secretariat. He was responsible for issues relating to politico-military aspects of security in the OSCE area including the implementation of the complex of agreed CSBMs, OSCE Documents on SALW and on Stockpiles of Conventional Ammunition.

During his assignment at UNODA since December 2007, Yuriy Kryvonos worked at the position of Political Affairs Officer in the UNODA Branches of Conventional Arms, Regional Disarmament, and the Secretariat of the Conference on Disarmament (Geneva Branch). He also served as the Secretary to three United Nations groups of governmental experts on the Register of Conventional Arms; the Report on Military Expenditures; and on Transparency and CBMs in outer space activities.