The Tribhuvan International Airport is the only International Airport in Nepal. So if you wish to fly to Pokhara, you will have to arrive at Kathmandu.  If you wish to travel via Land you may choose to enter through the nearest Border Area of Nepal and India namely Sunauli or Birgunj.

By bus

From Kathmandu

Tourist buses (NPR700-2700, 6-7h (May 2018=)) leave Kathmandu at exactly 7am toward Pokhara. Crowded local buses/microbuses (NPR400-600, 6-7h) travel the 200km journey between Kathmandu and Pokhara almost every 15 minutes starting at 07:30 through late afternoon. Night buses are available, but the ride is painful. Greenline operates a convenient bus every morning between the popular tourist areas of Thamel in Kathmandu and Lakeside in Pokhara (USD25, lunch included (May 2018)). The road is winding with many switchbacks but offers wonderful views of hills and rural Nepalese lifestyle. The drivers will generally not drive too fast but some will calmly weave in and out of the stream of opposing traffic and slam on the brakes when a stop is required, making for a scary ride if you look out the front window. During the rainy season, there may be problems with the roads and flying may make more sense.

The Annapurna Mountains above Pokhara’s Phewa Tal lakeshore.

From Sunauli and the Indian border

Buses are available from the border town of Sunauli (NPR280-380, 8h). Prices have increased since October 2015. Expect to pay no less than NPR600. If you can travel to the nearby town of Butwal, you will have more options for travelling to Pokhara. A 12-seater vehicle will cost around NPR5,500 from Butwal to Pokhara.

By car from Kathmandu

Numerous travel agents are available in Thamel area. Prices vary depending on the type of car as well as the time of year (approximately $120 – $140). If you are planning to use air condition then get ready to pay an extra. A car can carry maximum 3 people comfortably. The price is based on number of trips but not based on number of people.

Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA)

By plane

From Kathmandu

Yeti Airlines, Buddha Air, and Simrik Air are reputable airlines that operate regular flights (USD117, 40min) that can be purchased online and at the last minute. The flights offer the benefit of a bird’s eye view of the countryside and of the panoramic mountains themselves, for the best views ask to sit on the righthand side of the plane away from the wing. Airlines may ask for scanned copy of both sides of credit card if purchased online. Travel agents accept cash or bank transfers. Flights are almost always delayed for few minutes.

A taxi from the Pokhara airport to Lakeside should cost NPR250 if negotiated in advance.